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Execute your move swiftly with the professional Moving Company in Berlin

We process your move in a charming and courteous way. We offer fair prices and comprehensive additional services to make your move successful. Trust the reliable relocation company Butler Umzüge Berlin and your relocation will be executed smoothly.

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Are you planning to move?

Butler Removals stands firmly at your side.

We offer:

  • Professional Equipment
  • Trained Specialist Staff
  • Fair and Transparent Prices
  • Free inspection in advance
  • Flexible appointments, also on weekends
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A reliable all-rounder for the move-in and around Berlin!

No doubt, there are numerous moving companies on every corner in Berlin, but when it comes to an all-rounder who focuses on high-quality work and a comprehensive range of services, Butler Umzüge is the right place for you. You will get the relocation solution at reasonable prices – including formulated moving advice. Overall, it’s all about moving from one place to another with as little stress as possible, and that’s accurately what we can do for you.

We would be pleased to introduce ourselves to you in more detail so that you can get to know the services offered by Butler-Umzüge Berlin better. In between, you will get one or the other tip for your personal move because nothing is more desirable than that everything goes smoothly.

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Customized & Tailored Moving Service with Butler Umzüge

Are you looking for a competent moving company that can execute your private move smoothly? No worries, we are here to get the job done for you! Watch our animated video now and get an idea of our wide range of services.

Berlin Moving Company: Tailored Service for You

We call ourselves “an affordable moving company” – and, we think, rightly so. Our services are not “cheap”, but high quality at a fair price. Our customers regularly give us positive feedback and thus witness this statement. They feel relaxed when the move is executed by Butler Umzüge, and they can focus on what’s essential. In addition, our advice receives great praise because it prevents many a problem from arising in the first place.

By the way, Butler Umzüge Berlin is not limited to and for Berlin. We take on moving jobs all over Germany and internationally, but our headquarters are in the German capital. From here we send out our transporters and bring your removal goods from reliably to the destination. One thing that’s important to us above all: An all-around planned, perfectly coordinated service. That’s why our experienced moving consultant first comes to your house, inspects the removal goods and starts planning. Besides that, he provides necessary pre-move advice. For instance, he knows how many boxes you need.

Our Tips: A rule of thumb says that a private move requires about one standard box per square meter of living and usable space. In reality, of course, there are deviations upwards and downwards.

Fair removal company Berlin: Give us your trust.


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Butler Umzüge: Diverse range of services of our Moving Company in Berlin

Let’s take a look at the range of services offered by our moving company in Berlin. At Butler Umzüge, every move seeker receives a tailored service, depending on the type of move.

Whether private move or company move: We bring you forward

These are the different types of moving services we have for you:

Each of these moving services has its special features. For example, a move to a public authority or a company usually involves a lot of technical moving goods that require special, careful handling. On the other hand, a senior’s move requires a different kind of tact, because older people are usually reluctant to part with their previous home. Many old pieces of furniture are at the same time mementos that deserve appropriate respect. But even in the various moving groups, each move is different, and that is exactly what our employees adjust to each time.

In 4 steps to the relocation

Contact us anytime as tt only takes a few days or just a week to plan your move. Try it out!

Start a relocation request

You contact us by phone, email, or stop by the office in person.

Fill out the list of moving goods

In advance, you will receive a free quote with transparent fixed prices.

Book an offer

After your approval, we will realize your move guaranteed at the agreed time.


Finally, you will receive our invoice and pay within the deadline.

Fair costs for Berlin move

Our prices are fair and transparent. With us you will not experience any nasty surprises.

Other services offered by Butler Umzüge Berlin

Tips: Remember to make room for the removal van at an early stage. You can obtain this space by having us set up an official no-parking zone directly in front of the door. This way you can make sure that nothing gets in the way of your move

As an all-in-one service provider, we also offer you other services related to relocation. This means that you as a customer can flexibly combine several services and put together your own all-around package. That’s what we do for you:

Moving to Berlin: cheap and reliable with Butler Removals

Are you looking for a moving company in Berlin that can change domiciles cheaply within and outside the capital ?

Then Butler Removals is the right place for you.

In order to keep the effort for you as low as possible, in addition to packing and loading your moving goods, we even take care of setting up a no-parking zone in Berlin . Because as you probably know, parking spaces are rare.

Whether you are planning a change of residence in Germany or an international move – we will always get your belongings safely to their destination . Because top service, quality and efficiency are what set us apart.

Make your move relaxed and commission our strong team for your transport in Berlin or beyond – and at a fair price .

Call us on 030-845 188 55 and get your free, non-binding offer today .

Umzug Berlin günstig und zuverlässig mit Butler Umzüge

Regional move: How Butler Removals Berlin helps

A regional move always takes place within Germany, often within one federal state – or just a short distance across the border to the next. Such moves can often be handled by a combination of personal effort and professional help. Maybe you already have enough movers together at your place of residence, so you mainly need a transporter with a driver and enough movers at the destination. In some cases, the move seekers even manage to have enough people ready at the start and finish, but the transporter is missing.

When it comes to a regional move, we at Butler Umzüge fill in your gaps because as a full-service provider we of course have individual services available. Add to your personal moving package, for example, a de-cluttering service so you don’t have to haul ballast to your new location. Or let us professionally clean and renovate your space so that the handover runs like clockwork.

We are also happy to provide you with all moving materials and assemble/disassemble your furniture. The less you have to do yourself – and the more relaxed you arrive. With a regional move, you have more leeway to do the work at the starting point and destination yourself, perhaps together with friends. The travel distances are relatively short, and you can even manage one or two transports. Use this flexibility for a customized relocation concept!

Not only for relocators: offers open to all

By the way, our variable concept also benefits customers who do not necessarily need a moving company in Berlin, but only a logistics service provider. You can book transport from A to B with us, for example as a cost-effective additional load, without having to move right away. This is the case with all our services: Each one stands on its own, from de-cluttering to apartment cleaning. Take what you need!

Europe-Wide Relocation: What we can do for you?

Butler-Umzüge accompanies you not only from Berlin to Hanover or from Hanover to Munich. We also bring your removal goods to Paris, Madrid, Stockholm or Warsaw – and back. Because we recognize ourselves as a Europe-wide moving service provider, which does not stop at the borders. Moves between different European countries are a challenge for the parties involved because they often involve long distances and countless formalities.

The planning and preparations take a lot of time, so in this case, it is especially good to have a reliable partner like Butler-Umzüge Berlin at your side. In addition, many things cannot be done by oneself, especially the transport becomes a hectic process. Apart from that, who has enough private movers in two countries at the same time to manage a Europe-wide move on their own?

Our experience tells us that the more long-distance move, the more services our customers call on from us. Because pan-European moves are generally more demanding than moves “around the corner”.

Individual consultation

Do you still have open questions or would you like individual advice? Then do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a personal meeting today. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Secure storage areas: We store surplus items

What if the space in the new home or the new company building is not enough at first? Or if, for other reasons, there are items left over, for example furniture, that need a “shelter” for a certain time?

In this case, too, we at Butler Umzüge are ready to provide a reliable solution. With us, you get a complete storage service: We will pick up your stored goods from you, pack everything carefully and store the items with us. Our property is alarm secured, and our steel containers provide further protection. So you don’t have to resort to half-baked solutions that may offer only limited security for your belongings. Quite different with us: When the rental period is over, we will gladly bring your belongings to the designated place. This way you will have the time well covered, whether it is a few weeks or many months. And you can take back everything you said goodbye to, undamaged.

Tips: Before the move, we recommend intensive decluttering. Get rid of all ballast, this is exactly the right time to do it! Order the bulky waste collection in time, in most cities, the waiting time is several weeks.


Tips: Entrust your removal goods exclusively to a local, reputable company. Dumping offers from the Internet, without company address and personal contact, are always extremely dubious. In the worst case, your belongings will end up as stolen goods abroad. It is always worth paying a little more for seriousness and security.

Cheaper than you think: How much does hiring a moving company in Berlin cost?

The last point regularly burns under the nails of our clientele. Some fear that a moving company in Berlin is possibly too expensive and that they have to struggle alone despite all the difficulties.

In most cases, this concern is void, especially because at Butler Umzüge everyone can put together his own package. During the joint planning, of course, the focus is not only on the needs but also on the available budget. Discuss finances with us openly, we will see what can be done – and gladly give free savings tips on top.

Remember that under certain circumstances you can get your costs (or part of them) reimbursed by the government or the tax office. Clarify this question thoroughly beforehand. Reimbursement is only possible if you can show proper invoices, which is the case with us.

You will also receive a written offer from us, tailor-made for your project. This offer contains all individual prices for the requested services and a total price. This way you can vary the price before booking, maybe cancel a service or take another one on board. Only when everything fits, do we get down to business?

This speaks for a move with Butler Umzüge Berlin

As you can see, there is a lot to be said about carrying out your move with our support. We are a moving company in Berlin with many advantages – here we mention only the most important:

  • A locally based, well-known company
  • Wide range of moving services
  • Customized moving packages are available
  • Personal advice and support
  • Transparent and fair pricing