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Authorities relocation

Relocation of authorities Berlin – efficient and professional

A move by the authorities in Berlin is not easy to do. A complex EDP system is usually included, along with the files from the archive and the extensive furniture. And the authorities must not take a long break, on the contrary: they will continue to be needed, which is why a government agency move to Berlin must be as efficient and professional as possible.

Do not book a moving company that mainly carries out private moves in Berlin, but a specialist or, as in our case, an experienced all-rounder . Butler Umzüge has trained and experienced employees who know what is important when it comes to moving officials to Berlin and act accordingly. With us, everything is guaranteed to run smoothly!

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Your relocation to a public authority: We master this for you!

Loss of work, various delays, unexpected disruptions and problems: all of this can cause problems for the organizers of an official move. Treat yourself to a professional partner who can handle everything with a practiced hand! If you wish, we can take over the complete planning of the move and every single step. Of course, you can also transfer individual tasks to us, that is entirely up to you. We would be happy to present our service to you in person without obligation , our relocation consultant is ready to help.

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Discretion is our top priority – when moving authorities Berlin

Careful, punctuality, reliability and professionalism, all this is important to us. In the case of an official move to Berlin, however, complete discretion is also important so that no secrets are leaked out. You can also rely on Butler Umzüge at this point, we swear our team to secrecy. This is extremely important, because our people come into contact with files and archives that are not intended for the public . In this respect, we become your trusted partners, people who do their job exactly as they are supposed to. We are not used to anything else.

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Fully rolled up? Our additional services for increased space requirements

When a government agency operates in the same building for many years, something similar often happens as in a private building: some rooms are “rolled up” with old things that might be needed again in the future . Maybe it’s your basement that urgently needs to be cleaned up, maybe an adjoining room. In addition, there is still usable furniture that cannot be accommodated in the new building for the time being. We have a remedy for both:

clearing out Berlin and/or storage Berlin with us . This ensures that your rooms are completely empty when you move out – and that useless stuff doesn’t end up in the new building. We sort things out thoroughly with you and for you, dispose of unusable junk and store useful items safely. The stored things may soon be urgently needed in another agency, or you will use them as soon as all your rooms in the new location have been renovated. Until then, everything is safe, dry and clean with us, including insurance and burglary protection.

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Heaps of moving material – all available with us

You don’t have to take care of the moving material yourself when you work with us. We would be happy to calculate the number of boxes and padding materials you need and deliver everything on time. With us you only get solid, high-quality material that remains stable under load . In this way you can be sure that no boxes tear during the move and that your valuable inventory may not fall on the floor.

When we pack everything for you, we carefully label the boxes so you always know what’s inside – and where it goes. We will discuss the type of inscription with you. Our removal helpers then place the boxes and cases directly in the right room, for short distances when clearing out. This saves time and money – and ensures that the authorities move to Berlin as quickly as possible. You’ll be up and running again soon!

Efficiency counts – for satisfied customers and employees

We apply the same efficiency as with the moving material at all levels. Together with you, we plan your official move to Berlin from A to Z and find a solution for everything. We then work through the plan in turn, quickly and with due diligence. In the end, we reach our destination on time, have done everything and closed every gap.

Your employees will find everything they need in their new workplace. And the customers are also happy that they didn’t have to wait too long to go to work. Numerous references prove that Butler Umzüge can handle every complex official move in Berlin and is therefore always the best choice.

Perfect shelf order: Libraries are also moving with us

Libraries and libraries pose a particular challenge when it comes to moving. The system of books and media must not get mixed up, everything has its place. We pay attention to this and arrange everything appropriately at the new location. Every single book and every CD can be found just as quickly as in the original place. And you can start again straight away!