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Move Friedrichshain

Moving Friedrichshain: Everything palette with Butler moves

Nobody shakes a move out of their sleeve, there is simply too much to do. We at Butler Umzüge will be happy to do most of the work for you if you wish. We provide moving helpers in Berlin for the day of the day, take care of the safe transport, and can do much more for you. For example, we equip your Friedrichshain move with a practical no-parking Berlin, so that the moving truck can safely park right in front of your door. We can also disassemble and assemble your furniture, manage the electrical connections and even pack and unpack everything for you. Exactly how we work for you depends on what you book for your Friedrichshain move.

Umziehen Friedrichshain

Moving Friedrichshain: That is particularly often forgotten

Fatal mistakes lurk when moving in Friedrichshain, which you should definitely avoid. Here is a small list that urges caution:

  • Don’t hide plasters and bandages in boxes, always keep them to hand
  • The same goes for basic tools like hammers and screwdrivers
  • Label your boxes at the top and on the front so that the label is always visible
  • Pack the coffee machine last, movers are thirsty!
  • An electrician must connect your electric stove, otherwise, there is a risk of fire

If you pay attention to these points, that’s already half the battle.

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Budget question: How much does a moving company in Friedrichshain cost me?

There is no question that a moving company in Friedrichshain always costs something, but at the same time it also has a very relieving effect. The costs mainly depend on the amount of goods to be moved and the distance between the start and destination . Added to this are the various additional services that you may wish to book. Our relocation consultant will be happy to calculate what your individual move will cost: That is much more serious than throwing around any numbers . There are no hidden fees at Butler Umzüge , you can count on that.

Moving Berlin Friedrichshain: You should definitely pay attention to this!

Have you really thought of everything? When moving to Berlin Friedrichshain, there is so much to consider that only writing a list helps. And you don’t even have to do that without help, just take our moving checklist to hand. There you will find all the important points that you absolutely have to consider so that nothing goes wrong with your move. Did you know that the first to-dos come up months beforehand? And so it goes on until after the actual move, where more blunders await the forgetful. With your checklist and our professional advice, you are completely covered.

This makes moving fun

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