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Europe wide move
Europaweiter Umzug

Europe-wide removal with energetic support: Butler Removals

A Europe-wide move becomes stressful simply because it is a long-distance move. In addition, you are going to another country, probably with a different culture and language . The organization is much more difficult than when a regional move is imminent . There is a lot to consider when moving across Europe – and often even more to transport. Keep your head clear and the ball low – rely on us!

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For good reason: Why a move Europe runs easier with us

With good reason, moving to Europe is easier with us. First of all, we at Butler Umzüge are familiar with this topic because we deal with it on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you are emigrating from Germany and immigrating to here, we will give you a helping hand – or several of them.

I’m sure you know that as an EU citizen you can move and live anywhere within the European Union . Residence and work permits are not required. However, you should register a stay longer than three months with the relevant authority. Contact the local town hall! But Europe is not just the EU: Normally, in countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Co., you have to prove that you are financing your life independently and that you comply with entry and customs regulations .

Our advice makes things a lot easier! In addition, there is active help, from the removal helpers to the transport of your removal goods to the packing and assembly service . We can even take care of the connection work for your devices on request! If you are now interested in a stress-free move to Europe, please contact us without obligation!

Europaweiter Umzug
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Europe move: Planned together – grandiose success!

A Europe-wide move, planned by us, usually runs smoothly. We are at your side as your contact and will lend a hand. You can relax with your Europe move because not even half the burden is on your shoulders. The anticipation automatically gets more space, while the dream of another country comes true before your eyes.

Europaweiter Umzug

It gets particularly exciting when you have to cross the sea when moving to Europe . Are you going to Ireland, Scotland or England? Maybe you are drawn to the Balearic Islands or a Greek island. In that case, you will certainly need support with air or sea freight. The sea route is significantly cheaper but also takes longer, while air freight is quick but expensive. That’s why many of our customers opt for a combination of both: the urgent things are on their way on the plane, while the rest follows peacefully by ship.

Otherwise, the land route is open to you with our in-house vehicles, no matter where in Europe. We have vans of all sizes ready for you and can therefore also master a larger commercial move or official move. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a heart for the little ones: every mover is welcome, let’s talk about it!