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Moving Tips

From the professionals: relocation tips that you can really use

Warning, this is a truism! There is always a lot to do when moving, and a lot can go wrong. There are moving tips like the proverbial sand on the sea, but what really works? We at Butler Umzüge have put together the best of them, because we are familiar with the practice and know what is important. With the following moving tips, you will be able to get to your new home as stress-free and without a breakdown as possible – bag and baggage, with kith and kin.

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Moving Tips Checklist: The heart of your move

The heart of your move should be your custom moving tips checklist , a to-do list that starts weeks before and doesn’t end until many days after the move. We have also prepared a relocation checklist for you , just follow the link. Of course, the listing still needs your personal touch, it’s waiting for your customization, so to speak. Our relocation consultant will certainly help you with the customization as part of a non-binding and free appointment. First he will present our services to you and, with his relocation tips, will ensure that any planning gaps are filled.

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This makes moving fun

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Pack moving tips: This is how everything arrives safely

Pack the things you don’t currently need first. In summer, for example, the winter clothes go into the boxes at the very beginning, followed by most of the summer clothes . Pack the clothes that you and your family need for the moving days in a holiday suitcase – together with your hygiene items. In the kitchen, you first put the extra crockery for entertaining guests into your boxes, and finally the bare essentials are left over for each family member, which you continue to use.

These are the most important moving tips Packing:

  • Always use book boxes for heavy, smaller items
  • Make sure that no carton weighs more than 15 to a maximum of 20 kg
  • Only use stable, high-quality moving boxes
  • Use socks, towels and kitchen paper as cushioning material
  • You can wrap drawers and their contents in stretch film, which saves time

Checklist moving with children: You should definitely think about this!

Moving with small children is always a special challenge. The youngest among us need attention, especially in these turbulent times, and unfortunately you yourself have your hands full.

This small moving checklist will make it easier for your offspring to move:

  • Let your child help, e.g. with packing toys
  • Set up the children’s room first in the new home
  • Set up familiar pieces of furniture at the very beginning
  • Keep up the familiar rituals even during the hot phase of the move
  • Celebrate the first night in the new home with the child’s favorite meal

If your children clearly feel that you are still there for you – and that everything is not explosively changing all at once, you have already gained a lot.

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Clear out moving tips: How to get rid of old clutter

Clearing out is one of the most important moving tips. No other opportunity is better suited to get rid of as much old ballast as possible and start again! Our moving tips for clearing out are of a very practical nature. They will help you make a clean cut.

Start clearing out early , preferably months before the actual move. Work your way through the clutter slowly but steadily: not too much at once! Set up a “maybe box” for things you can’t decide on an ad hoc basis. Check everything that goes in there again shortly before the move. If it has been lying around unnoticed the whole time, it can tend to go away.

Do you have a cluttered room in the attic or basement that seems like a jungle to you? We at Butler Umzüge also clear out Berlin for you and leave the room in question swept clean. Let’s talk about this! You can also book storage in Berlin with us for all items that have yet to find their place in their new life.

Moving tips with children: How do we master the big day?

How does it continue on the big moving day, which moving tips with children help then? If you don’t have everything packed by professional movers Berlin, but are actively involved yourself , you urgently need a minder for small children . Maybe grandma and grandpa can take the little ones to the playground or an aunt invites the offspring to her home. Slightly older children should certainly contribute their part and help out . How about carrying some of their own boxes (the lighter ones) while saying goodbye to the old room?

Moving – what to consider to take your soul with you?

Don’t just move physically, but also take your soul with you. The phrase “Relocation what to consider?” gets a whole new touch. Plan fixed rest periods , for example go regularly to the thermal baths, treat yourself to a relaxing massage or go for long walks with the family in the forest.

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