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Moving Berlin Munich

Moving Berlin Munich: We master your mammoth project

There are about 570 kilometers between Berlin and Munich. For this reason alone, moving between these two cities quickly becomes a mammoth project, which we can master for you without any problems. When you move to Berlin Munich, we take over all the work that you do not want to or cannot cover yourself . This ranges from the usual services such as transport and movers to extras such as painting, Clearing out and storage. This is how we become indispensable helpers who ensure that your move to Berlin Munich is a success down to the last detail.

Umzug Berlin München

Moving Munich Berlin: We can do that for you

Butler Umzüge sees itself as an all-round provider when it comes to removals and transport . For your Munich Berlin move, we are your reliable partner who supplies the right amount of moving material, disassembles / assembles your furniture and provides valuable packing and unpacking assistance : Of course, all of this only if desired. We know that there is a lot more to do besides the purely practical things, all the bureaucracy, the formalities, saying goodbye to work and friends. That’s why we create the right framework in which you can act in a relaxed manner . We’ll do the rest.

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Moving Munich: You should definitely think about that!

There is always a lack of parking space in big cities, especially for large vans and trucks. If you still want to stop your moving truck right in front of the door, you need an official stopping ban. We would be happy to arrange that for you , just let us know. A lead time of at least two weeks is important so that the transporter can stop right in front of the door when you move to Munich. There is already more than enough to lug around when moving, it doesn’t have to be all over the street.

Moving material

Price question: How much does a move to Munich cost?

Every move to Munich is a little different. Above all, the individual projects differ in the amount of goods to be moved, but also in how many services the people moving use. That’s why we can’t name a lump sum at this point, just point out that you will always receive a written offer from ins first . With Butler Umzüge you don’t get caught up in a blind flight, but can plan your budget precisely in advance. Let’s talk about your move, tackle the planning and calculate the moving costs . All this costs you nothing and is non-binding – and you will receive enough information to make your decision.

This makes moving fun

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Moving Berlin Munich: That’s why we’re the right people for you!

We offer you several interesting advantages that will make your move to Berlin Munich much easier . Here is a brief overview of the most important points that make a move with Butler Umzüge so interesting:

With us you can not only move within Germany, but throughout Europe . Our team is prepared for everything, from the smallest to the largest order . Get in touch with us and tell us what you need. We tell you how it works and what it costs – and have lots of useful moving tips ready.