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Moving Schöneberg

Moving easier: Our tips for your move in Schöneberg

What makes moving to Schöneberg easier? There is a lot of potential in early planning, because this is the only way to ensure that you really think of everything. Use a moving checklist to work your way through the months and weeks leading up to the big moving day. If you have a professional moving consultant by your side, that’s even better . At you will receive such an expert who will conduct a free consultation with you in the first conversation. At this appointment he will sound out your removal goods, ask about your wishes and ideas in order to plan a tailor-made package for your move to Schöneberg .

Umzug Berlin Schöneberg

Perfect move Berlin Schöneberg: You should think about that!

When moving to Berlin Schöneberg there is a lot to consider. Here are some of the key points not to overlook:

  • Obtain moving material Berlin in good time
  • Arrange painting work in Berlin with the landlord
  • Register current subscriptions and contracts with the provider
  • Make an appointment for bulky waste, if necessary
  • Set up a forwarding request at the post office
  • Order Berlin parking ban in front of your door

And so it goes on and on… We can get the parking ban for you, but all the bureaucracy is your responsibility. If you have accumulated too much clutter, we will be happy to clear out Berlin and relieve you of your burden . In this sense, we perfectly replace a bulky goods departure.

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Packing material for changing Schöneberg: Where can I get this?

For moving in Schöneberg you need one thing above all: a lot of packing material in Berlin. Save yourself the commute between the hardware store and your home, let us deliver all the materials to you . We adjust the quantities according to your removal goods and will be happy to advise you on the upholstery options. If you want, you can also rent boxes from us, it costs less and contributes to a sustainable environmental protection move . Speaking of environmental protection: In some cases, simple household items are suitable as a substitute for upholstery, so that you use less bubble wrap and the like . Try towels, pillows, blankets and socks!

Removal company Schöneberg: How much does the service cost me?

Of course, the service provided by your Schöneberg removals company is not free of charge – with the exception of our non-binding consultation. The price depends on the services booked and the size of the move , so it is different every time. Experience has shown that a student move in Berlin is a lot cheaper than a complex commercial move in Berlin. If you want to know exactly, contact us and ask about the specific costs for your project. We would be happy to make you a written offer that specifically evaluates your move to Schöneberg.

This makes moving fun

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