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Moving material

Moving material Berlin: What makes sense – and what not?

An important linchpin of every move is the moving material Berlin. There is plenty of useful and not so useful stuff to buy, not to mention the many household items that can be used for cushioning and storage. Let’s look at the possibilities together – and filter out what is not very practical.

According to our many years of experience , the boundary between useful and superfluous lies somewhere else depending on the move and the person moving . This is due to the individuality of people, to which the Berlin moving material should be tailored. That is why we at Butler Umzüge are providing as comprehensive a picture as possible at this point and ultimately let our customers choose which moving material Berlin they need .

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The moving box: the most important ingredient of the move

Next to the human movers Berlin, the moving box is the most important ingredient of a move. Nobody can do without them, whether he has to organize a private move Berlin, a commercial move Berlin or a public authority move Berlin. That is why we clarify here several questions at once:

For a normal private move, one moving box per square meter is enough. But every apartment is differently “full”. Your moving consultant from Butler Removals will take a look at your belongings and tell you how many boxes you personally need.

Only use professional moving boxes, which you can order directly from us. Cheap boxes can bend under load or they may open during transport, so that everything falls out. Get both standard size moving boxes and special book boxes for heavy contents.

You can get your professional boxes particularly cheaply either used or in the rental service. So it is not necessarily necessary to buy the whole stack new, quite the opposite! By the way, renting and second-hand are a perfect part of an environmental protection move.

Pack the least important things first. At the very end come the most important things that you need until the last day. For delicate items, use cushioning material, either store-bought or soft things from around the house like socks, towels and kitchen towels. Always put heavy items on the bottom and light items on top. Plates, by the way, are best transported on end, individually surrounded by cushioning material.

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Clever savings! Where can I get moving boxes cheap?

You can get cheap moving boxes from Butler Umzüge . For those on a tight budget, we recommend our rental boxes, all of which have been quality-tested and delivered directly to your home. In addition, there are regular regional offers for used boxes on Ebay classifieds , as well as in various local Facebook groups. Alternatively, ask your circle of acquaintances for inexpensive moving boxes.

Rent moving boxes: A good alternative?

Is renting moving boxes a good alternative at all? Yes, but only if you use a professional supplier who takes care to only hand out boxes that are strong and load-bearing. The boxes that have already been attached are sorted out by us and thrown away. A service-oriented moving company brings the moving material to you in Berlin and picks it up again after a certain period of time . The fee for this is significantly lower than the purchase price. Boxes broken during the rental period will be charged.


Weighed: Or better to buy moving box?

At first glance, the most expensive option is to buy the moving boxes in their entirety. So you can unpack your belongings at a leisurely pace, even if it takes months. Nobody pushes you, there is no deadline. The boxes are yours, after use you have the opportunity to sell them . This makes up for the higher price directly. Buying the moving box can therefore be worthwhile and the bottom line is cheaper than all other variants.

What do I need other than moving boxes?

Let’s turn to the other moving material Berlin that you need for your change of location. Here is a list of the main materials available for purchase specifically for the move:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Tissue paper
  • Stretch film
  • Cardboard inserts
  • Foam
  • Cushioning chips and shavings

The padding materials are joined by adhesive tape and felt-tip pen , for taping, sticking together and labeling. It’s also a good idea to have a few ziplock bags handy to safely store small items, such as closet fittings.


Looked up: What pads do I have in the house?

Now direct your gaze to the existing household material: an amazing amount can be used to pad moving boxes or gently separate furniture elements. For example, you can take your towels, your bed linen, seat cushions for chairs, the inserts of the garden furniture and various blankets and boxes. Some movers put their glasses in clean socks, others use kitchen towels or newspaper to fill the gaps in boxes.

This kind of creative use saves money on upholstery material and protects the environment. After a wash, everything is clean again and can be used for its intended purpose. Talk to our moving consultant about your move and plan the required material with him. He knows from experience how many moving boxes you really need, what other moving material Berlin needs and gives you numerous tips.

The consultation is non-binding and costs nothing. You will also get to know our services and can request an individual written offer with your preferred services. Who knows, maybe we’ll move together soon!