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Moving Reinickendorf

Relocation Reinickendorf: This is how you arrive safely!

When moving to Reinickendorf, it is not the journey that is the goal, but the new apartment – or the new office. Unfortunately, there is a lot to do along the way, mostly too much to do alone. If you have many reliable and hard-working friends, you may still be able to move to Reinickendorf privately, but most people need professional help . Butler Umzüge are a Berlin company with a full service offer. Large and small moves are part of our everyday life, we also bring authorities and companies smoothly to their new headquarters. Are you planning to move Reinickendorf? Then get to know us better now!!

Umziehen in Reinickendorf

Moving in Reinickendorf: The most important tips ahead!

There is a lot to consider when moving in Reinickendorf, we are happy to help with words and deeds. Here are a few important tips to get you started:

  • If you move because of the job, you can deduct the costs from your taxes
  • Keep all receipts accordingly or use the flat rate
  • You need about 1 moving box per square meter of space
  • Consider getting a babysitter and/or dog sitter for the big day
  • Don’t forget to order bulky waste in good time
  • Prepare tools and first aid kit for moving day

We are here for you. Call now!

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Moving Berlin Reinickendorf: It works best with the professionals

Many of our customers give us positive feedback after moving to Berlin Reinickendorf. They all agree that it works best with real professionals. With Butler Umzüge you can get the full program if you wish – or individual services that you cannot cover yourself. We have enough motivated movers. Not only do they put your belongings into the van and later out again, they can also help you pack and unpack [LINK] , carry out painting work in Berlin [LINK] and assemble furniture. In addition, there is a lot more to get from us.

Planned together – with your moving company Reinickendorf

First of all, we sit down together and plan your move perfectly. Do you need moving material ? We deliver it! Is there a clearing out in Berlin beforehand ? We’ll take care of that for you too! How about storing Berlin various furniture for the transition? No problem with Butler Removals! We will also set up the parking ban in Berlin in front of the old and new apartments so that the truck can park comfortably. Of course, you don’t have to book everything at once, you choose exactly what fits. You can find out the prices either in conversation with your removal company Reinickendorf or at the latest in our written offer. The previous consultation will not cost you a cent.

This makes moving fun

Let us provide you with a no-obligation quote for your move now.