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Storage Berlin

Storage Berlin – your possessions safely under cover

There is not always enough space for everything. In this situation, either thorough clearing out Berlin is the order of the day, or you opt for storage in Berlin. You can store your furniture in different places in different ways. We will introduce you to the options, name the advantages, disadvantages and costs . This gives you a good basis for making decisions about your storage in Berlin.

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Storage furniture Berlin: These are the options!

What are the options for storage furniture Berlin? Where can I leave my things? Here is our list:

  • Friends / acquaintances: Maybe friends and acquaintances have enough storage space left for you to put your things. The advantage is that it probably won’t cost you anything. However, in the long run, you can strain the nerves of these friendly people if the collection is delayed too much or you regularly store more items.
  • Rent a garage / barn: Some people rent a garage or barn for their storage Berlin. Cellars are also sometimes available for rent, but all too often such places are damp, so your belongings may be damaged. Not to forget: the burglar-proof, which is often not given. On the other hand, the rent is usually quite low.
  • Self-storage: A modern variant of storage Berlin is self-storage. You can either book a smaller rental box or an entire rental storage facility. There is no service, only a dry, secure storage space. You bring the items yourself to the storage facility and pick them up again yourself. This option is more expensive than a garage or barn, but offers better protection for your belongings.
  • Storage by forwarding company: With this type of storage you get the full comfort, without any sacrifices. We at Butler Removals will pick up your items, store everything carefully and return your thing to you at the end of the rental period. So you don’t have to rent a transport vehicle or go through any other hassle. Of course, this service is not free of charge as with friends, but it is still inexpensive. Get a personal offer, it does not oblige you to anything!
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Removal storage Berlin: What you should pay attention to!

When moving storage Berlin there are a few things to consider so that you are satisfied afterwards. Please feel free to check our offer thoroughly to see if it is suitable for you. Take this checklist to hand:

  • Costs: How much does it cost to store my things? Do I have to pay extra for pick-up and drop-off service? What about hidden fees?
  • Rental contract: Is there a minimum term for the contract? What are the notice periods? Do I get a discount for longer storage?
  • Flexibility: When and how can I access my stored items? Are there fixed opening hours or is it around the clock?
  • Security: Are my items safe on site? Is there protection against moisture, dirt and burglary?
  • Insurance: Are my belongings insured during storage and possibly also during transport?
  • Packaging: Is protective packaging available, for example to protect files from moisture? Will I be advised accordingly?
  • Services : What services are included? Do I have to take care of the transport myself?

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Storage Berlin: How many square meters do I need?

The space requirement is often less than expected. That’s because we never see our furniture, instruments, and other things standing upright or stacked. For example, 40 square meters of living space can be stowed away on up to 4 square meters, often even less space is required. That’s about 80 boxes. You need 5 to 9 square meters of space for 80 square meters of living space, and around 20 square meters of storage space for 120 square meters of living space. The small footprint lowers the price and allows you to store your items inexpensively.

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