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Painting Berlin

Painting Berlin – With us a clean matter

This point is often stipulated in the rental agreement: no moving out without renovation! The painting work in Berlin is an integral part, for cleanly painted or wallpapered walls. In addition, not everything looks as it should in the new apartment. Painting work in Berlin is also indispensable there, perhaps in connection with a new floor covering. We at Butler Umzüge take care of all work related to the move, including the painting work in Berlin. With us you book experienced professionals who always do their job with flying colours.

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Renovation work when you move out: Your team introduces itself

Renovation work when moving out is difficult for most of the movers. This is a task that comes on top of a lot of other work, without you getting anything out of it yourself. With the renovation of the new apartment, things look very different, and many people let off steam to their heart’s content, because it should be really nice in the brand new four walls. However, some do not find time for this either and therefore put the job in trustworthy hands.


With us you ensure a successful handover of the apartment in the old place – and a chic new home! Of course, you can also book just one of the two services, just as you like. On request, we can also take care of other work that is automatically required when you move . Here are the most important examples:

  • We provide you with motivated movers Berlin
  • We carry out the transport even for Europe-wide moves
  • We offer a dedicated packing and unpacking service Berlin
  • We also have an experienced assembly and connection service Berlin at the ready
  • We reserve you a no-stopping zone Berlin for the moving day

This alone results in a colorful bouquet of possibilities from which you can choose as you wish. We would be happy to clarify what you need and what you don’t during a consultation. Also, ask us all your questions to get clarity for yourself. Then we’ll see if we can get together on business – for a successful renovation!

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Painting work Berlin costs: What should I expect?

Everyone likes cleanly painted walls, as well as an attractive wallpaper or a beautiful laminate. But where are the Berlin painting costs? We work at moderate prices and will give you a transparent cost estimate beforehand. You can accept or reject it. In the event of a rejection, not a cent is due. We don’t name package prices, that wouldn’t be serious. Everyone receives their individual offer, matching the order, the actual effort and the respective apartment.

Painting work Berlin prices: Where are they usually?

We can roughly say where the painting work in Berlin prices are usually. In your specific case, however, it may look very different. Indoors, many painting companies charge about 7 to 9 euros per square meter for a coat of paint . Wallpapering often costs 15 euros per square meter . However, the material is not included in this price, nor are travel expenses.

We keep our own pricing structures very transparent, so our customers always know where they stand. Each item is listed individually in the offer and invoice so that you have a good overview. Of course there are no hidden fees, we always play with open cards.

These factors determine the prices of painting work

What factors determine the prices of painting work in the first place? The following points are important in the calculation:

  • Working hours or square meters
  • Material consumption
  • Type of painting work Berlin
  • Travel expenses

Our employees have many years of experience, are well trained and technically skilled . We also attach great importance to so-called soft skills such as friendliness, reliability and cleanliness. The latter is particularly important for painting work in Berlin, because this is the only way to achieve a respectable result. Covering and masking are a matter of course , so door frames, windows and skirting boards are guaranteed not to get damaged. And afterwards it’s tidied up and cleaned so that there’s nothing left for our customers to do. That’s good old-fashioned craftsmanship!

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Have the apartment painted: costs of individual colours

Have the apartment painted You can clarify the costs with us personally, as well as the question of which colors are to be used.

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