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Additional cargo Berlin

Additional load Berlin: How to benefit from cheap transport

The Berlin additional load option makes smaller transports much easier . By “small” we don’t mean the size of the shoe box, but rather the wardrobe or the piano . Because Butler Umzüge is a local Berlin forwarding agency that has a lot to do with relocations, sometimes even with large commercial relocations Berlin. In our transporters there is always a place free for individual pieces of furniture or boxes, depending on what you want to send cost-effectively as an additional load in Berlin.

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Additional cargo Berlin prices: How much will the service cost me?

The additional cargo Berlin prices are so low because we are on the road anyway. We only take your transport goods with us. The savings are up to 75 percent , depending on what it is and what the applicable conditions are. In comparison, it is usually not worth sending a large object as bulky goods. Some additional cargo in Berlin costs just 40.00 euros over a short distance !

Beiladung Berlin

Additional load Berlin Munich: Is this possible with Butler Removals?

Although our company is based in Berlin, we naturally also travel to the Bavarian capital. With a bit of luck, your additional cargo Berlin Munich is feasible with us. It’s important to know that it’s not always possible “immediately”, but that the journeys are scheduled and you use them for yourself . As soon as a move from Berlin to Munich or vice versa takes place, it starts! Just ask.

Accompanying cargo Munich Berlin: Is it also possible this way around?

Of course, we can also take an additional load from Munich to Berlin for you. After all, if we drive to Munich or the Munich area, we have to go back afterwards. We would be happy to take this opportunity to pack up your additional cargo and take you to the far north, as seen from Bavaria. Expertly packaged and well insured , just as you would expect from professionals.

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Additional cargo transport Berlin: What can I give everything?

You can give Transport Berlin everything that can be transported and fits into our vehicle for your additional load. Here are a few examples of the things we take with us as additional cargo in Berlin:

  • Cabinets, also of larger size
  • Machines of various kinds
  • Musical instruments, also pianos
  • Boxes with clothes or dishes
  • Other bulky goods from private or business

Note: What takes up only a small part of the loading area is considered to be an additional load Berlin.

Beiladung Berlin

Berlin Vienna supplementary charge: Does the offer also apply throughout Europe?

We carry out relocations and transports throughout Europe, which means that we also take additional loads from Berlin to Vienna. If we drive even further south, we will stop briefly in the Austrian capital and unload your cargo at the agreed point . You can therefore rely on our employees: We have assembled an experienced and committed team, and our reputation is correspondingly good.

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Encore Vienna Berlin: That is also possible!

As you might have guessed, we can also carry additional loads from Vienna to Berlin. We travel all over Europe , south to north, north to south, east to west and west to east. We are happy to take your bulky goods with us.

Accompanying cargo Hamburg Berlin: We roll to the Elbe for you

With additional cargo Hamburg Berlin we roll for you to the Elbe and back – and at a transparent, fair price. Get a quote now and look forward to professional, punctual transport.