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Moving Charlottenburg

We have thought of everything: moving to Charlottenburg

Your move to Charlottenburg is just around the corner and you need professional support? At Butler Umzüge you are in the right place! We are a local moving company in Charlottenburg that has made an excellent name for itself over the years. Our customers regularly give us satisfied feedback. Everyone receives a tailor-made relocation package from us with exactly the services that are individually required. Invite our relocation consultant to your home so that we can plan your move to Charlottenburg together. We put your concept on a secure footing!

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Moving Berlin Charlottenburg: What do I need for this?

Moving to Berlin Charlottenburg is a complex matter that should be well thought out and planned. In a free consultation, we will sound out your removal goods and take your wishes into account. We then create your personal package from a whole range of individual services: What do you need – and what do you not need? Maybe you already have enough private movers on site but need a truck with a driver. Or you would like to have your new apartment thoroughly cleaned and renovated before you move in. You may have to clear out Berlin or store objects before you move. In all these cases we have the right offer for you and can do a lot more for you.

For example, you can book a packing and unpacking service in Berlin with us or have a parking ban set up in Berlin in front of the door. A wide range of options are waiting for you to save your time and your nerves.

This makes moving fun

Let us provide you with a no-obligation quote for your move now.


Also with us: moving material for the move to Charlottenburg

Packing material is always required for a move to Charlottenburg. You can obtain this directly from us. So you don’t have to drive into town first and possibly buy your boxes in portions. We will deliver all the necessary moving material Berlin directly to your home, where you can start packing at your leisure. Our moving consultants have enough experience to determine the number of boxes for you. So you don’t have to constantly reorder or drown in too many boxes. If something is left over, we’ll be happy to take it back.

Material question: What do I need for moving in Charlottenburg?

The most important materials you need for moving in Charlottenburg are these:

  • Standard size moving boxes
  • Book boxes (smaller format)
  • Several rolls of tape
  • Bubble wrap / tissue paper

In addition, there is the obligatory black felt-tip pen, with which you carefully label your boxes . This is the only way to find everything again at your destination.

We are here for you. Call now!

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Moving company Charlottenburg: Reach your destination elegantly with Butler

We are the Charlottenburg moving company that fills all your gaps. Including our professional advice , you can avoid any obstacle and get from A to B with perfect support . We know exactly that nothing can go wrong on the big moving day, we are reliable with the right number of moving helpers in Berlin on site and bring the necessary equipment with us. You don’t get this level of security from private helpers, just as little as appropriate insurance protection for your belongings, which only a professional company can offer. With this overall concept, we even ensure that you can sleep well before you move, knowing that you are in good hands.