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Hartz4 move
Hartz 4 Umzug

Hartz4 move: The most important tips for good success

Moving is never easy, the whole process is far too much work for that. Hartz IV recipients often have it twice as difficult: Sometimes you get your Hartz 4 move ordered by the job center, even though you don’t want to move at all yourself. In other cases, the Hartz 4 move is on one’s own wish list, but there are financing and organizational problems.

Whatever the case, we’ll help you! Butler Removals is very familiar with the topic of Hartz 4 relocation, we have already been able to accompany many customers happily into their new apartment . And, no, a professional moving company is not priceless for you, quite the opposite. Under certain conditions, the Office will cover all costs

Moving Hartz 4: What reasons does the Jobcenter accept?

Always speak to the clerk at your job center first if you are planning a Hartz 4 move . State the reasons and inquire about funding. If you simply want to move because you like the new apartment better or you want a change of location, there is a risk of rejection. Then you have to finance the Hartz 4 move completely yourself and, in the worst case, even pay the additional additional costs in the new home without official participation.

These reasons are usually recognized by the job center:

  • You take up a job in another city
  • You have an addition to your family and need more space
  • Your life situation has changed due to separation or marriage
  • Your landlord gives you notice without it being your fault
  • The old apartment is no longer practical for reasons of illness or age
  • The current apartment is uninhabitable, e.g. because of mold
  • You are moving out as a person over 25 years of age with your parents
  • You have fallen out with your parents when you are under 25 years old
  • You are still living with your parents, but are now having a child.

No matter what reason you give from the above, you need to provide evidence. For example, you can document the dispute with your parents with documents from the youth welfare office and the police, and you can document the mold in the apartment with photos. Then wait for the written declaration that you will assume the moving costs before you start moving house.

This makes moving fun

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Hartz 4 relocation for health reasons: What falls under it?

What all falls under a Hartz 4 move for health reasons? Unemployment benefit 2 recipients often state that they are only able to climb stairs to a limited extent. However, if the current apartment is on a higher floor and there is no elevator, the resident cannot avoid climbing stairs.

There may also be another disability due to an accident or illness that makes it necessary to change apartments. Age reasons also play an important role. Perhaps you urgently need an apartment suitable for the disabled or the elderly? Then present your certificates and discuss this with your case worker.

Hartz 4 relocation for psychological reasons: Cost absorption possible?

A Hartz 4 move for psychological reasons falls under the heading of “health reasons”. In this case, approval and cost absorption by the job center is possible. Bring a medical certificate to the meeting with your case worker and discuss your reasons in a personal meeting so that he or she can make an informed decision.

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Hartz 4 move to another city: Is it so easy?

If you can prove a solid reason, a Hartz 4 move to another city is possible without any problems . But after that, your usual job center is no longer responsible for you, but the office of the new municipality. Officially deregister at the old job center, which will then inform you of your new contact person. If you’re moving for work reasons and earning enough to stop receiving benefits, you’re in luck: Saying goodbye to the job center will be a real celebration!

Hartz 4 move to another state: Can I do that?

Nothing stands in the way of a Hartz 4 move to another federal state if you give sufficient reasons for the change of residence . If you have no recognized reasons, you can of course still move, but you will have to bear the full costs. And the costs for the new apartment do not have to be borne entirely by the office, depending on how expensive it is.

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Hartz 4 Umzug

Hartz 4 move without permission: What threatens me then?

Which brings us to the subject of Hartz 4 moving without permission: what can I face? In any case, you are and will remain a free person despite your Hartz4 reference and can live where you want. However, the job center can cut off your money supply in various ways if you do not follow the rules. And that really hurts a person who has little finances at their disposal. That’s why we advise you to always move with permission if possible, this makes the move much more affordable.

Hartz 4 relocation: Which costs does the Jobcenter cover?

The only question that remains is: What relocation costs will the job center actually cover? Can I treat myself to the full service of a moving company? First, the assumption of costs should be confirmed in writing, then you can get started. The office usually pays for…

  • The moving truck
  • The moving boxes
  • The apartment acquisition costs
  • The renovation costs of the old apartment (if required in the lease)

The office also covers the cost of catering for private movers. If you need professional relocation helpers Berlin, you can apply for this with justification. Not everyone has a hard-working and motivated group of friends, so it’s usually easy.

Hartz 4 Umzug