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Moving Berlin Dusseldorf

Moving to Berlin Düsseldorf: Have you thought of everything?

A move from Berlin to Düsseldorf is a complex project that cannot be organized easily. You have to consider and consider a lot of things, weeks before the big moving day. The best thing to do is to get a comprehensive moving checklist as soon as your move to Berlin Düsseldorf is certain and follow it. There is nothing wrong with shortening or expanding the list individually, depending on your personal needs . Bring in a professional relocation consultant who will give you intensive advice on your move to Berlin Düsseldorf. You can find one at Butler Umzüge , your local moving company with a wide range of services. We help you to master your move Berlin Dusseldorf perfectly!

Umzug Düsseldorf Berlin

Butler Removals: We manage your move to Dusseldorf

We would be happy to manage your move to Dusseldorf for you, with everything “pipapo “. You have to do the re-registration yourself, nobody will do it for you. But we are your reliable moving team, your packing and unpacking service Berlin, your assembly service and connection service Berlin, your specialists for painting work Berlin. With us you get the whole service or just the part of it that you like. We also reserve your no-parking zone in Berlin so that there are no long distances and relieve you all around during this strenuous time.

Interest? Then contact us free of charge and without obligation, by telephone or digitally. We discuss everything necessary, answer your questions, send our moving consultant to you. Finally, you will receive a written offer from Butler Removals, with all prices, so that you can make a solid decision.

This makes moving fun

Let us provide you with a no-obligation quote for your move now.


Moving Dusseldorf Berlin – that is particularly important

The most important things first: For your move Düsseldorf Berlin you will definitely need moving helpers Berlin as well as a van with a driver. This is the foundation upon which everything else is built. You won’t get very far without moving material Berlin , because you have to pack all your belongings with something. Here are the most important materials that you can either buy, borrow or take from your own household:

Moving material
  • Sturdy moving boxes (standard / book box)
  • At least one roll of pillow wrap
  • Tissue paper for padding porcelain and the like.
  • Adhesive tape for closing and labeling
  • Zip bags for screws and hinges
  • Thick, waterproof felt-tip pen for writing
  • Various upholstery such as towels, blankets, pillows

your connections at your old place of residence and report them Of course, bureaucracy is also important, no question about it. Announce themselves again. Change your subscription and go to the residents’ registration office as soon as you move to Berlin Düsseldorf. A forwarding request at the post office ensures that you will receive further letters and possibly also parcels, if desired.