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Moving helper Berlin

Reliable removal helpers Berlin: How to set up your team!

Everything should run smoothly on day X, there is no time for bankruptcies, bad luck and breakdowns. It is particularly important for the relocation helpers in Berlin to be reliable and energetic . Unfortunately, only a few circles of friends consist of suitably motivated people who also have enough time to carry furniture for hours. Quite apart from the fact that not everyone I know is physically able to carry heavy boxes. Where do the Berlin movers come from in such a case? Who is there on time in the morning and lends a hand without breaking down?

To get straight to the point: There are several ways to get paid staff. Various online exchanges are available for this, and a call via social media could be just as useful. However, you will find the most reliable moving helpers in Berlin at a professional moving company that has already made a name for itself. This usually costs a little more, but is extremely relaxing.

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Berlin removal helpers: Where can I get a good team?

You can get a good team of Berlin relocation helpers from Butler Umzüge, your local relocation specialist. Incidentally, we are not only on the road for you in Berlin, even though we are based in the capital. Our employees carry out regional moves as well as Europe-wide moves, which is a real relief for many of our customers. After all, who has enough helpers ready at the start and destination for long distances ? If things still work out at the original home town, then at the latest it will be tight at the new home. After all, many hundreds of kilometers are not easy to bridge for most people.

We solve the problem by providing you with the right Berlin moving helpers to move the van in and out . And that’s not all: we can also provide you with a packing and unpacking service in Berlin, an assembly service and connection service in Berlin and even professional painting work in Berlin. This means that you hardly have to do anything yourself with a full-service package! But which services you use is entirely your choice.

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Student movers in Berlin: a good alternative?

Alternatively, you can consider student relocation helpers in Berlin. There are special portals for this, where willing helpers who are ready to book register. The prices start at the current minimum wage of 12.00 euros per hour, but you should not expect too much from it . These are untrained people who do not necessarily have to be particularly strong or skilled. In addition, they usually do not bring any professional equipment with them, such as carrying straps, hand trucks or even a furniture crane. You can only expect that from a professional moving company.

However, student movers in Berlin are a cheap way to fill gaps. However, it’s a new adventure every time, because you don’t know in advance who’s coming and how useful the young people really are. But most of the time it’s fine.

Removal helper Berlin cheap: This is how it works for little money!

You can also get moving helpers Berlin cheap on various online job exchanges, where people offer themselves as unskilled workers for everyday work. In this case, too, you pay comparatively little money, but you don’t know exactly who or what is coming beforehand . We recommend combining the hired helpers with friends and acquaintances in order to be powerful enough on the day of the move. It is also important to provide food, such as small snacks and drinks, so that the helpers do not disappear for hours in the pizzeria. Coffee should also be on offer!

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Removal helper Berlin prices: How much does the fun cost me?

The moving helpers Berlin prices are at a comparatively low level because they are usually unskilled workers. You have to reckon with these costs:

  • Friends and acquaintances: tip + food
  • Students: 12.00 to 15.00 euros per hour + meals
  • Helpers from the job exchange: 12.00 to 15.00 euros per hour + meals
  • Relocation helpers from a professional company: All-inclusive price according to the offer

With a professional moving company, you will always first receive a written quote for any services you are considering. Butler Umzüge has a fair price structure and balances its offers in a customer-friendly way . For your money you get experienced, reliable helpers who come with the right equipment . In addition, we are insured and replace any damage to the removal goods (this case is very rare). In the case of helpers from the circle of friends or student assistants, you cannot assume insurance that will cover your damage.


Short-term relocation helper wanted: Who will help when time is tight?

If time is short, all the gates mentioned are open. Short-term relocation helpers are available both from us and among the students and in the job exchanges . If time is on your neck and you don’t want to go wrong, we recommend calling the professional first and getting a quote . You can always rely on us: if we say we’re coming, we’re almost there!

Removal helper Berlin: You should pay attention to this

Not only the price counts! If you are looking for a relocation helper in Berlin that you can rely on, you should pay attention to several factors:

  • Fast and friendly feedback on request
  • Clear price agreement with no hidden fees
  • Local, competent contact person
  • Fixed date commitment for a fixed number of helpers
  • If possible including professional equipment
  • Insurance for damage incurred

Our relocation consultant will be happy to come to you free of charge and without obligation for expert advice. On this occasion, we will plan your move together, determine how many movers Berlin you need and calculate the number of moving boxes. Shortly afterwards you will receive our written cost estimate with all the items discussed . Now you have time to calmly decide for or against our moving helpers Berlin. One thing is clear: anyone who relies on reliability, security and professionalism is in the best of hands with us!