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Moving Expenses

How high are my moving costs Berlin – and how can I reduce them?

In addition to all the work, the moving costs in Berlin are particularly important when moving. Since hardly anyone has an unlimited budget, saving is often the order of the day. Can I afford a moving company or do I have to do it all myself?

What many do not know: There are many steps between the professional full service and the move done completely by hand . At Butler Umzüge Berlin [LINK] you can choose as many building blocks as you like, and ask for little or a lot of help. The moving costs in Berlin vary accordingly. Not to forget other factors such as the amount of goods to be moved and the distance to be covered. Together we approach your moving costs Berlin.

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Calculate moving costs: How to find out the price!

Calculating moving costs is only possible when all the facts are together. There are some digital relocation calculators on the web , into which you enter a few data in order to then receive an approximate price. You should see this information purely as a guide , not as your actual moving costs in Berlin.

You will only find out when our moving consultant comes to your home, looks at the goods to be moved, puts together your personal moving package and then submits a written offer to you. After that you will at least know how much the professional help will cost in your specific case.

However, there are additional costs , for example for moving material Berlin, if you do not order this directly from the moving company. Or for the forwarding request at the post office, for the renovation work plus the travel expenses if you have to commute between the two places for a while for various reasons. In addition, there may be brokerage costs for finding a new apartment or relocation-related tuition costs for the children.

As you can see, this topic is complex. Calculating the actual moving costs means first locating all cost factors in order to add them up.

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Moving costs tax: What can I deduct and how?

Adding is one side of the coin, subtracting is the other. As a tax-paying citizen, you are allowed to deduct a certain amount of your move from tax if you can show supporting documents . The relocation costs tax occurs, for example, if you change your place of residence for professional reasons. In this case, enter all your moving costs in Berlin as income- related expenses in the tax return .

private move in Berlin for non-professional reasons can use the working hours of the professional moving helpers in Berlin claim as a household-related service . The maximum tax relief is 4,000 euros per year, but the actual costs must be well over 4,000 euros

Moving costs Tax return: The most important tips at a glance

  • Deduct relocation costs for work-related relocation as income-related expenses
  • Deduct moving costs for health reasons as an extraordinary burden
  • Deduct moving costs for professional reasons as a household-related service
  • Costs for relocation-related tutoring are also deductible

doubt , ask your tax advisor how best to proceed with your relocation tax return. He knows all the tricks and loopholes, so you get the best possible result.

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Moving costs Jobcenter Berlin

doubt , ask your tax advisor how best to proceed with your relocation tax return. He knows all the tricks and loopholes, so you get the best possible result.

  • … you, as an Unemployment II recipient, have the prospect of a new, permanent job for which you have to move.
  • … received a notice of termination from your landlord because of personal use.
  • … live in an apartment with unacceptable defects, such as severe mold.
  • .. are in poor health and your apartment has therefore become unacceptable.
  • … have a new family member and your current apartment is therefore too small.
  • … separate from your partner and therefore need your own apartment.

It is important to coordinate this precisely with your clerk so that there are no misunderstandings. Other reasons can also bring you a subsidy from the job center if they sound sufficiently convincing. Your job center can also order you to move, for example because you live in an apartment that is too large or too expensive. In this case, the office must pay the full costs.


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These are the individual costs:

  • All transport costs plus movers
  • Meals for the movers
  • Agency fees for the new apartment
  • All other housing procurement costs (e.g. trips)
  • Renovation costs of the old apartment (if required according to the rental agreement)

Costs of moving Berlin: How much should I expect?

The cost of moving Berlin varies greatly depending on how far away you are moving, how much you are taking with you and which services you use. A “around the corner” move may only cost you a few hundred bucks for moving supplies and a few commutes . Once across Germany with a forwarding truck and professional helpers and costs a few thousand euros.

A move from the Ruhr area to Lake Constance can cost around EUR 3,500.00 , while moving from one street to the next in Berlin costs around EUR 400.00 . Those who book many services with the moving company have it much more comfortable, but have to calculate a higher bill. Butler Umzüge keeps the prices extra-fair and provides transparent information about the price structure in advance . With us there are only good surprises!

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