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Moving Potsdam

Pro tips: This makes moving Potsdam easier for you

It’s often the many little things that make a move to Potsdam complicated . The lost screws, the missing screwdriver, the spilled shampoo containers… All of these things can be solved – or not if you get a handle on them beforehand. With us you will receive heaps of moving tips to prevent every single mishap . But we also keep an eye on the big picture, because at Butler Umzüge you can book moving helpers Berlin and order many different services that will make your move to Potsdam much easier. From trucks to the Berlin no-stopping zone to the assembly and connection service, everything is included!

Umzug Berlin Potsdam

Made easy: With these tips, your Potsdam move will be a success

The first and most important tip will therefore not surprise you: Move with us, because as professionals we have a lot of experience and expertise and thus ensure that everything goes perfectly with your Potsdam move. We also have a lot more advice ready, here are just a few of them:

  • Pack furniture screws and fittings in labeled ziplock bags.
  • Put tools and first aid supplies carefully aside
  • Place cling film under the toiletry lids
  • Label boxes with contents and storage location
  • Wrap furniture and furniture parts in stretch film
  • Use practical vacuum bags for garments

Almost every relocator does one thing for himself: Before moving Potsdam thoroughly sort out . Not all rubbish has to go to the new home, we are happy to take care of that: Butler Umzüge also offers thorough clearing out Berlin . And safe storage in Berlin for everyone who cannot make a direct decision.

This makes moving fun

Let us provide you with a no-obligation quote for your move now.


Moving Berlin Potsdam: For private individuals, authorities and trade

By the way, we take care of every kind of move Berlin Potsdam, not just the private move Berlin. Companies and authorities keep contacting Butler Umzüge, and our employees are there to give them a helping hand. Of course , the small student parade in Berlin will not go under, we dedicate ourselves to it with exactly the same passion.

Get in touch: How to steal your move Potsdam Berlin

Your Potsdam Berlin move begins with a quick phone call to us. Alternatively, you can also reach us digitally . Let’s talk about your project, take a look at your removal goods and create a professional plan . It doesn’t cost you anything and you are under no obligation. If you then accept our offer, we’re in business. Then you will receive our tailor-made services and can relax and enjoy your move to Potsdam. The price is surprisingly moderate, ask!