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Student move in Berlin

Student move Berlin: Move stress-free and inexpensively

It should be inexpensive, but run like clockwork . Starting the new semester with stress would not be a good idea. That’s why your student move to Berlin should be planned as well as possible, and it doesn’t hurt if a professional gets involved in between. At Butler Umzüge you will receive all the important tips to make the student move Berlin a success! And if you wish, you can get the associated active help right away . But that is entirely up to you. First, let’s see how best to organize your student move to Berlin.

Student move Berlin: You should not forget these formalities!

Give notice of your old apartment and inform all official bodies of your new address. This includes your insurance, your house bank and the various authorities, such as the Bafög office . Your friends and acquaintances will also want to know the new address, and if you have any subscriptions, you should also change them accordingly . Local contracts should be terminated in good time , for example the fitness center and/or another club membership. There is an extraordinary right of termination if you move, but this only applies if you move “unreachably” far away.

If you have previously studied at another university or technical college, it is now time to de-register.

Incidentally, you do not have to deregister at the registration office, you only have to register at your new place of residence. The authority to which you appear will then take care of the deregistration. Your identity card and your current confirmation of registration will provide you with the best services when going to official offices. And: Book a forwarding request at the post office , it doesn’t cost much, but it means that your mail will still reach you after the student move to Berlin.

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Student move: What do I have to register in the new apartment?

The registration formalities are waiting for you in the new apartment. You have already been to the residents’ registration office – if you own a motor vehicle, you also have to go to the road traffic office and register there.

In addition, there are the following institutions and suppliers:

  • Contribution service (formerly GEZ)
  • Electricity provider
  • Water utility
  • Waste management (garbage cans)
  • Possibly gas supplier
  • Telephone and internet providers

of electricity, water and heating in the old apartment , unless you move out with your parents.

The love of money: What about the finances?

A move is always associated with some costs, at least you have to pay for the fuel. In addition, there is often a rental fee for the van, the driver has to be paid and you may also need some new furniture. Not to mention the deposit that is due for the new apartment!

Get an overview of the actual costs and your financial resources. Do your parents and your arms grab you? Is your own money or, if necessary, the Bafög enough? Maybe you need a part-time job to finance your move and new apartment or you have to increase the working hours.

The sale of items that can still be used in the run-up to the Berlin student move also brings money into the coffers. Maybe you are not in such a bad financial position and can afford some hard-working professional movers Berlin! You can get the moving material Berlin, especially the boxes and upholstery, from us, also second-hand and/or for rent . There are many ways to save money, we would be happy to advise you free of charge!

This makes moving fun

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Our offer: This is how we make the student move to Berlin easier

The age of our customers ranges from just coming of age to the elderly. So don’t be afraid to get in touch with us! You don’t have to book a full-service package with us, but you can get support where it matters most. Here are our services for an individual combination:

  • Transporter with driver
  • Moving Helpers
  • Packing, connection and assembly work
  • Set up a no-hold
  • Painting work Berlin

With Butler Removals, it’s not all or nothing, it’s everything in between. Each customer receives their own menu with the right ingredients . Are your friends getting tired? Then our furniture movers step in! Can’t find a vehicle big enough? Book one of our vans! Can’t get all those boxes from the hardware store? We’ll deliver them straight to your home!

As for the price, we agree. Talk to our moving consultant, who will thoroughly explain each service to you . Pick what you need. This will then become your personal cost estimate, which you can either agree to or reject. You might also want to adjust a bit, take a performance more or less, and only then strike. Together we will find the right solution.

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Our offer: take advantage of free advice

If you wish, our relocation consultant can even come to your home free of charge. The conversation is always non-binding, you can ask all your questions . The expert looks at your removal goods, calculates the number of boxes, the removal effort and finally the price. You will learn a lot about the cost-effective move with professional support and at the end you can choose your services . A great deal that you’re sure to like!

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