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Regional move Berlin
Regionaler Umzug

Regional move Berlin: With active support!

A regional move to Berlin is not a piece of cake just because the mover stays “nearby”. Despite the relatively short distance, the change of location can be stressful, because there is often a lot of moving goods involved , and all of this needs to be transported safely and quickly. Most people also want an environmental protection move in order to pollute nature as little as possible. A regional move in Berlin becomes a challenge that we would be happy to master together with you . “We”, that is our team from Butler Umzüge, always at your service!

Regional move: We can do that for you

With us, your regional move will be as relaxed as possible. This is mainly due to the fact that we have a lot of experience and organizational talent, as well as the ability to lend a hand. Added to this is our modern, helpful equipment, which makes work much easier. Our focus is always on the customer, which in this case means: you . That is why we attach great importance to friendly and comprehensive advice. Invite our relocation consultant to you so that he can take a look at your removal goods. Afterwards there is plenty of time for questions and talking.

The relocation consultant will be happy to present all of our services to you in more detail . These include, for example:

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Moving regionally: How much will it cost me?

All well and good, but how much will it cost me to move regionally? If you’re just moving “around the corner” with a few things , you’ll probably get by with a few hundred euros . This often works even if your move takes you to the next city or the one after that. In this case, you probably only pay for the van, work with private movers and use used boxes.

All this is cheap, but also expensive. It is much easier with professional support, and of course it costs something. You can expect fair, transparent prices from us: You know in advance how high the bill will ultimately be. You can book all services at once or just a few of them to save money on the one hand and be more convenient on the other.

It is best to inquire about a personal cost estimate first, you will notice that you can afford some “luxury”! Keep in mind that moving costs are often tax deductible, which makes things much cheaper.

Regionaler Umzug
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Your personal move to Berlin: What can you do yourself?

Above all, think about what you can actually do yourself when moving to Berlin . Not everyone succeeds in drumming up enough private helpers who can actually be relied on. And your own muscular strength is usually limited. As a working person, you may also lack the time to pack and unpack all the boxes. Or you don’t have the necessary manual skills to accidentally dismantle the large wardrobe and reassemble it in the new apartment. Find out what works and what doesn’t. At the same time, you can rely on it: anything goes with Butler Umzüge!

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