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Private move

Private move Berlin: With Butler removals a breeze

A private move to Berlin has its challenges: It is important to think of everything and to be completely ready on the big day of the move. Along the way there are always obstacles and problems that need to be overcome. Not enough boxes again! Now two movers are sick too… How can I get a cheap van? This is just a small part of what awaits you on the way as soon as the private move to Berlin gets rolling.

An experienced helper at your side can be very useful, and that’s exactly what we are at Butler Umzüge in Berlin. If you wish, we can coordinate the entire move down to the last detail, or we can provide individual services where there are gaps in your individual needs . This guide is intended as a first orientation to find out how you can best use the professional support.

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The private move: this work we can do for you


We have a whole bunch of options that can relieve you when moving privately. Let’s take a look at the range of offers:

You have the choice of handing over all of the work to us, or just a few of them. You then do the rest yourself. We have listed the core services first, they include the safe and professional transport of your items from the old apartment to the new one . We bring all the equipment that is needed with us, from hand trucks to furniture cranes. And if the two places are far apart, we have two teams of helpers ready for you, who will be active on time.

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Private removals Berlin: Why get boxes from Butler Umzüge?

Private removals in Berlin are always very cardboard-heavy. Even in small apartments there is an almost infinite number of objects that always take up more boxes than previously thought. Two people in a normal household can use 80 boxes, families usually need more than 100 boxes. Our experienced relocation consultant will look at your removal goods and tell you how much material you personally need. It is advisable to order the boxes directly from us for the following reasons:

  • We deliver the boxes directly to the door
  • What is too much, we take back free of charge
  • You can also rent the cartons for a reasonable price
  • With us you get only high quality cartons

So you don’t have to commute between the hardware store and your home to keep getting new boxes. You can also rely on the quality of the containers . How often have boxes torn during a move or the floor has simply cracked! This will not happen to you if you use our moving material properly.


This makes moving fun

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Private move: Which services do I need?

However, the moving material is far from over. Most homeowners pack fairly easily, but what about the bulky furniture and kitchen? Far fewer people here feel ready and able to make the necessary transport arrangements. Carefully dismantling the large wardrobe and reassembling it in its new place is something our staff can do! And they are also absolutely familiar with kitchen furniture.

How about relieving yourself at this point and putting the screw shop in expert hands? Your private move will be much more relaxed for you.

Now it’s on to the next services: Would you like to clear out yourself – or would you rather have the help of professionals? Do you need space for temporary storage? Then take advantage of our storage service , we will pick up your things from your home and store them well guarded and safely. The return transport can also be carried out by our company on request: the problem of space is solved so easily!

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Painting and cleaning work: how useful is that?

You can paint a little yourself, and you can certainly wipe the floor. But restoring an entire apartment to its original state , as required by the rental agreement, takes a lot of time and sometimes also expertise. With a private move to Berlin, there is usually not much time left, which is why many of our customers feel very relieved by our cleaning and renovation service . Here we come up with specialists who know exactly how to cleanly put wallpaper on the wall and paint it flawlessly. The cleaning is done with professional means, so that the apartment handover goes smoothly . For yourself it’s time for joy: everything was done perfectly and effortlessly!

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