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Moving Mitte

Moving Mitte: That’s how relaxed it is with a good moving company

A good moving company makes the move much easier because the professional helpers do a lot of the work for you. You no longer have to search doggedly among friends and colleagues for (reluctant) relocation helpers Berlin , who may then not show up for the appointment. You don’t have to organize transporters and drivers separately either, not even the no stopping in front of the door is part of your work area. In addition, we at Butler Umzüge do a few more relocation-related jobs for you if you wish . A move in the middle of the city is so relaxed with us!

Umzug Mitte

Relaxed: This is how your move works with our moving company Mitte

At Butler Umzüge, we always proceed in the same way when it comes to moving in the middle. First, our moving company explores the situation in order to then start planning. This is our program for you:

  • Moving consultant visits you at home
  • Expert examines the removal goods
  • Consultation with determination of the services
  • Our written estimate for you
  • With your approval, we will carry out your move

Our services also include the packing and unpacking service in Berlin , the assembly service with subsequent work in Berlin , painting in Berlin, clearing out in Berlin and storage in Berlin. You can also buy or rent moving material Berlin from us – just as it suits you. Get free advice!

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Moving Berlin Mitte: Insurance protection included

As a reputable, well-known moving company, we naturally provide the associated insurance cover. Inspect your furniture carefully after the move and if, contrary to expectations, there is any damage, let us know. With us, your move to Berlin Mitte is not only in the best of hands, but also completely secured, so that you do not have to pay your own way. Private removal helpers represent an incalculable risk in this respect!

Moving Mitte – only with real professionals

Many of our customers tell us after they have moved that they only want to move with real professionals. This saves a lot of time and nerves when moving in the middle, which would be better off elsewhere. Contact us free of charge and without any obligation to get to know us and our offer . We will answer your questions and listen to your wishes and ideas. Our moving consultant will calculate the number of boxes you need and the size of the transporter you need. He gives you helpful tips along the way and ensures that everything runs perfectly right from the start. In this way, your move to Mitte will also be a successful project, which will result in a happy arrival at the new location.

This makes moving fun

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