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Moving Panketal

Moving Berlin – Panketal: We help with the organization and implementation

Now the time has finally come, you are moving to Panketal. The municipality adjoins the north-eastern city limits of Berlin. So you don’t have to lose sight of the big city completely and you can keep in touch with your old friends and acquaintances. But even a regional move requires planning and effort . If you are overwhelmed with the move to Panketal, we at Butler-Umzüge will help where we can. You’ll be amazed at how comprehensive a professional moving service can be.


No move to Panketal without moving material

When looking through the inventory, many tenants find that vast amounts of things have accumulated over time . Is everything really needed in the new apartment or does moving to Panketal also mean starting over in terms of furnishings and getting rid of a few old things ?

If you entrust us with your private move or senior move, we will think this thought through for you and have suitable solutions ready:

  • we clear out the apartment
  • we store furniture
  • we dismantle cupboards, beds or kitchen furniture

We are here for you. Call now!

Contact Butler Removals Berlin now to set up your move.

Have you thought about how many moving boxes you need? If you give us an insight into your living situation during a free viewing appointment, we can also answer this question for you. This makes it easier for you to plan your move . You do not have to get the boxes yourself, we will deliver them to you. A lot comes together. We offer you the convenience of borrowing the moving boxes and returning them to us. Even packing the moving box doesn’t have to cause you a headache. Not every moving company in Panketal will also take on this activity, but for the all-rounders from Butler-Umzüge this is part of the service.

Free travel for the furniture transport: set up a no-parking zone

You don’t have to worry, our furniture van will get to you on time at the agreed time. But if we can’t find a parking space, the move to Panketal can be delayed and cause unnecessary annoyance. A moving company for a quick move often fails to keep an eye on the organizational side of the mammoth project .

We at Butler-Umzüge would like to relieve you of the full extent and also take over the application for the no-parking zone . So that you don’t have to worry about a thing, we will collect the signs and set them up properly in front of your front door. This means that the loading of the removal goods can begin on time and a stress-free process is ensured .

Moving Berlin – Panketal: Talk to us

Moving companies in Berlin are not scarce. However, not every company is experienced and competent and has also proven itself with official moves or long-distance moves. Butler removals stand for individual all-round service at fair prices .

You can reach us in different ways:

  • letter
  • fax
  • Phone call
  • E-mail
  • personally in the office

Do not hesitate unnecessarily, because we can help you long before the moving date is due. Even after the move to Panketal has been completed, we will remain at your side if you wish and help with unpacking the boxes or connecting the various devices. Trust us! take care of. When shall we speak ?

This makes moving fun

Let us provide you with a no-obligation quote for your move now.