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Moving Wandlitz

Moving Berlin – Wandlitz: less costs more

Moving out can bring many obstacles with it. Is it your first private move? Then you are faced with a mountain of tasks and need some kind of step-by-step instructions? Get to know the service of Butler-Umzüge . We can not only be booked as a moving company for a quick move, but see ourselves as a strong partner at your side.

Let us help you plan your move and let us convince you of our skills. Not every moving company in Wandlitz can fully support you . If you are satisfied with less service when moving to Wandlitz, you often end up paying more. Stress is pre-programmed and you have to hire other companies to handle the desired services.

Professional relocation service creates security and freedom

Professional relocation service creates security and freedom

A change of location is imminent. The move to Wandlitz reaches its peak when the furniture transport is in front of your door and the numerous moving boxes as well as disassembled furniture and small parts disappear into them. You hand over the empty and clean-swept apartment to the landlord and look forward to your new domicile in the municipality of Barnim. The almost 40-kilometer route is no hurdle for the moving van. But you have to do some hard work first. There is little difference to a long-distance move.

The following activities will appear on your check list:

  • get moving supplies
  • get rid of clutter
  • dismantle furniture
  • repair the apartment
  • Set up no stopping zone

We are here for you. Call now!

Contact Butler Removals Berlin now to set up your move.

To much to do? We at Butler-Umzüge take over all the work listed and a lot more. Only a few moving companies in Berlin have such a wide range . Trust our professional move planners. We provide you with experienced relocation helpers and pull the right strings for a smooth relocation process.

From senior movers to official moves. We take every hurdle!

Every move has its own dynamic. You set the priorities and we intervene where we can simplify your move to Wandlitz. If you need moving boxes, we will deliver them to you in the desired quantity. If you would like to part with a few things, we will clear out your apartment. If the old apartment is to be handed over quickly and swept clean , we will lend a hand. Butler moves can take the pressure of deadlines off your shoulders . You can clear your head and look forward to the big day of moving out more relaxed.

Moving Berlin – Wandlitz: We are your local contact

In order for us to be able to handle your move to Wandlitz in the desired framework and to your complete satisfaction, we first need an insight into your living situation. We therefore offer you a free viewing appointment.

Various questions can best be clarified there.

  • How many boxes do I need?
  • What furniture does not fit in the furniture van as a whole?
  • What to do when repairing the old apartment?
  • How much space does the furniture van need in front of the front door?

Let us clarify open questions and provide you with a free offer for the handling of your move. Call us or visit our staff in the Berlin office. We are there for you Monday to Saturday until 10 p.m.

This makes moving fun

Let us provide you with a no-obligation quote for your move now.